The website has undergone a major update where the content has been broken down. Topics such as Activities, Tips and Tricks, knife making, gear and planning and management tools from scout, has remained on and is still in Danish. Everything related to my electronics hobbies has moved to this website.

I have added a few topics that I have tried to explain countless times in various forums: e-commerce especially from outside dealers outside the EU, secure passwords, methods to avoid viruses on the computer and scam calls on the phone, as well as cheap and completely legal software licenses.


Selvhjælps forummet K10, for udsatte borgere, som i en periode har været hostet, via denne side, er tilbage på sin rette plads

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July 13, 2017 I was out for a work accident where I got a shock at my job as an electrician. The injury has given me sensory disturbances where I have a feeling of being drenched with boiling water if the weather is 17-18 degrees and on a bad day I cannot lift a packet of yeast with my injured arm. It is only at the beginning of June 2021 that a nerve conduction examination has shown that I have suffered a "Plexus Brachialis injury". It explains the discomfort in my right arm and shoulder. In addition, I have an injury to "Intercostalis", that is, the nerve connection from my spine to my chest.

Now is 50% of the currents route in my body explained with a "name".

In addition, I have been forced to give up my profession as an electrician. Therefore, I have started to study further, to become a software engineer, to get back into the job market, in a job I can handle, despite my injury. Quite simply, I looked at my other hobbies.

In connection with JOTA, I took radio license, which has also led to me going through one radio amateur club: OZ6HR have resumed an old hobby where I build electronics and program.

Fortunately, my youngest daughter, Mie, is very helpful in my workshop. Here she is adjusting my 3D printer.

SEP 3 - Semester project

I am studding to become a software engineer, with interest in embedded electronic.

The pictur shows a part of the 3. semester project I took part of. We made a server-client system.

We made a client programmed in C#, a server programmed in Java, and as a bonus, we made an IOT-switch in C++ that could turn itself off from overload, and the server was able to run routines with the switch, that also, via the server could be controlled manually.

SEP 3 - Semester project

As well as, I have finally filled in a number of open pages on the website, where I have either described what I want with the subpage, or simply written what I had in mind. But it corresponds very well to the many thoughts I have in my head, and the lack of "time" to get them realized. Which I am now trying to find, after casting the anchor.

It became a long text about me, but there have been major changes since the last update, which I am trying to account for. are you curious to read more about who I am, then you can find more here, or more about my injury.

Nice with nature close by, but the nature experiences sometimes also look in from the basement window ...

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